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About Us

In the mid-1990’s, Bruce Ballhaus began to develop an interest in real estate. Nights and weekends were spent looking for new properties and upgrading his old ones. In 1996, when a nearby landlord saw the changes he had made to a Mt. Washington complex, he asked Bruce Ballhaus to do the same to his own properties.

Bruce quickly learned the value of eliminating irresponsible tenants and improving properties efficiently to attract better and better residents. He eventually found it impossible to maintain a full-time job, his own growing portfolio, and a tenant screening company (Choice Tenant Screening) that he sold in 1999, so he quit his full-time job to do part-time work and to run his properties full time. It was just a year later he formed L&B Management.

A year later, in 2000, the newly formed L&B Management began managing their first condominiums, a 5 unit association named Mt. Storm in Clifton, and they still manage them, and more than 50 other associations today.

Since 2011, Jason Ballhaus, a real estate broker, has managed commercial and residential real estate sales offering another aspect to the business.

Ballhaus and local real estate experts agree that the success of the company can be attributed to its unique way of doing business, one that is cost-efficient and breeds loyal employees and clients.

L & B has built its reputation on being fair, reliable, and efficient. The firm responds quickly to problems and is straightforward in billing. It’s why banks and the city have called on L&B to manage properties in foreclosure.

We invite you to learn more through our website or by contacting us. Thank you for your interest.