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Investment Property Management

In addition to the information on this site, our leasing agent sets up showings and if an applicant is acceptable and passes our screening, we sign a lease contract with them.  Our screening policies are in full compliance
​with Fair Housing laws. Shortly before the new tenants move in, we do a walk through of the property noting
​any imperfections, then the tenant signs the list. Upon move out we do another walk through, comparing it with the first walk through. Any addition damage, other then normal wear and tear, will be deducted from the tenants deposit.

​    L & B Management seeks to get the best tenants in its properties, so they created their own screening process.  It is based on a point system that takes points away for past evictions, criminal behavior, and bad credit and gives points for good credit and significant income.  This process has helped them to reduce the number of evictions on the properties they manage to one in ten tenants.

            If the property would need any maintenance work the tenant would call us. If the repair is more then the owner allotted us in our management agreement then we would give a bid on the project or repair.  Our maintenance rate of $45 per man hour is about 1/2 the rates of most contractors.  We have  maintenance persons who are certified for HVAC work, as well as the rest of our experienced crew. We also have a 24 hour emergency pager for the tenants, in case any night or weekend issues arise. The after- hour and weekend rate is $80.00 per man hour.

Secrets of L&B success...

    The company charges a fixed rate rather than adding on fees for stamps, bookkeeping, hand tool rental, and traveling expenses. Those fees are all covered in the rate, so landlords do not feel like they are being charged extra expenses.  That appeals to clients because the quote they are provided by L&B is almost always what they end up paying.

​     L&B has worked along side the city and with banks to increase its reputation and expertise.  They are often trusted with maintaining large properties going through foreclosure in court.

​                                        Check out our rating with the Better Business Bureau

​            For owners who wish us to fully manage their rental property, we handle all the bookkeeping, showings, repairs (with the approval of the owner), tenant calls, maintenance complaints, city orders, etc.  We then send these owners their monthly proceeds along  with an Excel spreadsheet and an itemized summary of all the billing, payments and tenant activity.  We also send a copy of every bill we receive for their property. For the person who wants the ease of worry-free ownership, this idea works best.

​           You may call our leasing agent Dan Dotterman  for showings or ask about our management of
​properties.  You can reach Dan at 513-319-2044 

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