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About Us

L&B Management Firm, LLC
3314 Werk Rd / Cincinnati, Ohio
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L&B Management is a full service management and maintenance company located in Cincinnati.  We manage many single family and multi-family rental properties as well as office buildings and condominium associations in the Greater Cincinnati area.  We also take over foreclosed properties for local financial institutions.  You may have seen the articles about our company in The  Cincinnati Enquirer and The Cincinnati Post Business sections.

How We Got Started 

    As a full-time salesman of K.O.I. Auto Parts on the west side of Cincinnati in the mid-1990's, Bruce Ballhaus began to develop an interest in real estate.  His nights and
​weekends were spent looking for new properties and upgrading his old ones.  In 1996, when a nearby landlord saw the changes he had made to a Mt. Washington complex, he asked Bruce Ballhaus to do the same to his own properties.

    Slowly, he evicted the bad tenants and upgraded the apartments with new carpet, sinks, and paint.  He then developed a new screening process to replace the bad tenants with
​good ones.

​    Gradually, maintaining a full-time job, a growing real estate and management portfolio, and a screening company became impossible for Bruce Ballhaus.  In 1999, he sold his Choice Tenant Screening business and quit his full-time job to do part-time work and run
​his properties.  A year later, he entered into business as L&B Management.

    Over the years, he has increased the number of landlords served, number of properties managed, number of properties owned and employees.  
To accommodate his continuing growing business. He purchased and relocated his office
​to 3314 Werk Rd. in Westwood.

     Today, Jason Ballhaus, a real estate broker, handles and runs the residential and commercial sales listings, another additional service we are able to offer to our clients.

    "Some say location, location, location, I say tenant, tenant, tenant," says Ballhaus.  "Sometimes, it's better to go three or four months without a tenant than to get a bad one."

    Ballhaus and local real estate experts agree that the success of the company can be attributed to its unique way of doing business, one that is cost-efficient and breeds loyal employees and clients.

    Clients say the company is fair, reliable, and efficient.  L&B responds quickly to
​problems and is straightforward in billing, charging a flat percentage of rents rather than add separate fees.  That's why banks and the city have called on L&B to manage properties in foreclosure.